Reasons to Invest in a Bathroom Remodeling Chicago, IL

According to research, the average person spends at least 30 minutes daily in the bathroom. If you add those daily visits, that would be about 182 hours over the whole year, and some people spend more time than this. And if you spend a lot of time, keeping your bathroom updated and comfortable makes sense. Whether you are planning to have bathroom remodeling or you think it’s time for an update, here are some reasons why you should invest in bathroom remodeling: 

Your Life Has Changed

Make sure your bathroom gives you the space and function you need. Your bathroom should be updated at your current stage of life. For instance, having a new baby will have different needs and desires for your bathroom. 

Added Value

Aside from the comfortability of having a new bathroom design and features, having a bathroom remodeling in Chicago will also increase your home’s value. Having a beautiful, updated, and relaxing bathroom will attract more buyers. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Roman Bathroom Remodeling Contractors can help you renovate your bathroom and recommend energy and water-saving fixtures that can save you a lot and improve your daily living even if there is a water shortage. 

Increase Safety

Safety is a very important factor to consider in investing in bathroom remodeling. Loose or cracked tiles, mildew buildup, mold growth, broken shower doors, and more are common safety issues in old bathrooms. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago will help you install non-slip tiles, handrails, and other safety features in your newly designed bathroom to ensure your safety.

Repair Damage

If you have water, mold, paint, and other types of damage, it is best to consider remodeling before they worsen. 

Overall Space and Layout

If your current bathroom is too cramped or the floor plan does not match your taste and needs, it is best to have bathroom remodeling in Chicago.



Employing The Best Home Remodeling Contractors Chicago, IL

If you are a property owner that likes changes, you may want to perform a home remodeling Chicago every certain time. Despite a few property owners being greatly skilled and can perform a great job by themselves, the majority prefer to hire an expert to perform it, and that is why remodeling contractors come in.

Looking for great home remodeling contractors Chicago can be a hassle. This article shares some advice that will ease the process of finding the proper remodeling contractors for you. 

Inquiry for referrals

Prior to starting a random search for any remodeling professional, you should first ask around. The most indicated persons to provide you with reliable information are the real state agents, family members, colleagues, and friends. As that people will provide you with different suggestions that will be useful to consider for your project.

Review contractor’s trustworthiness

When you have the chance to meet some remodeling contractors Chicago like Roman Home Remodeling, and when you narrow the list, take time to review their trustworthiness. A small search, like references and professional affiliations, can be extensive.

Put it on the paper

Before signing any deal make sure to make formal documentation. A trustful remodeling contractor is in the capacity of giving you a contract, payment terms, quotations, and whatever else you have agreed to in the written form. This is great to ensure both parties will comply with what was agreed.


Home remodeling is not necessarily expensive as people may think. Trustworthy remodeling contractors Chicago can assist you to get the best prices on raw materials, which will save you money during the entire process.



3 Tips for a Dream Home Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago, IL

While we want an easily accessible, stylish, and functional kitchen design, as we age it becomes even more important to eliminate the need for stooping, reaching, and bending to maintain safety. At Roman Remodeling Contractors in Chicago, our professionals can help to design a kitchen that is fully optimized to handle your current needs and considers your future needs. When it’s time for your kitchen remodeling in Chicago, consider these key features to make it more suitable to your lifestyle:

1. The Pullout Pantry

To easily see what you’re looking for and reach everything you need, a pullout pantry is ideal. You will not have to shuffle through everything in your pantry to find what you’re looking for, so there is less time spent, no strain on your muscles, and no back or knee stress. They are also perfect for housing your small appliances, like blenders, slow cookers, and mixers, making a pullout pantry a must-have for any kitchen remodeling in Chicago.


2. Microwave Placement

Think about where you want to have your freestanding or built-in microwave. Placing it at counter height or just under the counter can be much easier on your back and shoulders. So that you are not sacrificing counter space, you can create a microwave shelf in a base cabinet, making it easier to access just below the counter instead of lifting a plate above your shoulders over the stove.


3. Accessible Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets offer some nice storage, but only if you can access them. These cabinets are notoriously difficult to deal with as you have to bend, reach, and lift for what you need. That’s difficult on anyone, let alone those with back problems. But our kitchen remodeling contractors in Chicago can take care of that with accessible corner cabinets.

When the time comes for your kitchen remodeling in Chicago, let Roman Remodeling Contractors help with some excellent ideas and attention to detail. Hopefully, these solutions will come in handy for your future kitchen, so you can use all your kitchen features in comfort. 



Basement Renovation Tips You Need To Know

Basement Renovation Basics

Renovating an unfinished basement into livable space is a smart investment if you want to expand the living area and the value of your home without enlarging the footprint. However, the unique requirements of a basement remodel makes having an experienced contractor involved in the project mandatory. Not all basements are good candidates for finished living space and familiarizing yourself with your local building codes regarding basements is a good way to begin as you consider a basement renovation.

If you don’t have enough clearance for a seven foot ceiling, or if the basement is too susceptible to flooding, a finished basement may not be possible. Proper drainage and moisture proofing is first priority; this must be solved and completed before any inside renovation is begun. This initial phase is also the time to consider egress windows and outside doors, as earth is being moved around the perimeters. The earth moving stage is also an opportunity to bury new plumbing and electrical lines as drainage ditches are dug and grades are created to move water away from basement walls.

Why Codes Matter

As with drainage, local building codes must be incorporated into the design process at the earliest stages of planning. Household HVAC units, electrical and plumbing are all elements that are not only necessary to the remodeled space, but space will usually need to be relegated to housing systems such as furnaces, water heaters, filtration systems, electrical boxes, etc. Fire doors are sometimes required to seal off mechanical areas; ventilation is regulated as well.

In all, code requirements keep your basement renovation functional, practical and safe. Whether you want to add a man cave, a family room, a home theater, or a home office and work area, basement renovations can give you up to twice the finished floor space in your home and substantially increase the value. Hiring a professional contractor who’s knowledgeable in the complexities of below grade building and renovation is prudent and helps insure a successful final outcome.



Design your kitchen step by step

About your new kitchen

You want to design your new kitchen, the place where you spend the most of your time ? With the kitchen being such a high activity area of the house it is worth finding out how to design a kitchen – even if you are using a kitchen designer or architect. Knowing what is involved in the process will help you understand how you want to design your own kitchen.

Step by step kitchen remodeling

Here are some steps that may help you with your kitchen design:

Step 1: Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

Think in terms of how you want a space to function before making interior design or furniture choices but for kitchens it helps to know where you plan to get your kitchen cabinets from. Most manufacturers have units in various standard sizes but always work with the kitchen cabinet dimensions that the manufacturer provides. Even if you are getting a bespoke kitchen made, getting in touch with a maker and finding out if they work in any standard sizes.

Step 2: Create a floor and wall plan

First decide if you’re working in feet and inches or m, cm and mm. Then, Take your time and be accurate and measure using the right measurement for your country.  Measure floor dimensions, niches, windows, doors, where the water pipes come up from the floor.

Step 3: Think about plumbing and heating

Will you be using existing plumbing for sinks and appliances or will you require additional pipe work? If you are planning to include a kitchen island containing a sink or other appliances in your design, you need to ensure that plumbing and electricity supplies are in place before flooring is laid.

Step 4: Consider lighting options

When planning lighting it is a good idea to make the system quite flexible so you can regulate areas of your kitchen independently. Secondary lighting, such as spots above cooking and preparation areas, is also useful.

Step 5: Call in the Professional

They will help you to plan everything in details.



How to cut home remodelling cost?

Open your mind to budget home remodeling.

The biggest secret to cutting home remodeling costs is doing everything correctly during the whole process. Most money wasting comes from making unreasonable decisions such as tiling the bathroom walls before realizing the need for plumbing services. That’s why you should first concentrate on setting your priorities and make financial research on the material, fixtures, appliances, and types of service you find crucial for your house remodeling.

Just remember not to go too big and realize that some of the desired effects can be obtained much cheaper and easier than you think. One prime example of this is refacing the old cabinets instead of buying a whole new set. Another trick to inexpensively change the atmosphere of the room is applying different lighting solutions. Also, consider using wall-mounted lights which deliver more wattage and don’t require as much work done around them as recessed ones.

It is not all about going cheap.

If you don’t want to go broke during your house remodeling, work with what you already have, e.g. customize your current kitchen or bathroom layout instead of completely changing them. This will most likely limit the permit job there has to be done – keep in mind that moving a faucet leaves your budget smaller by a plumber’s daily wage. Be creative and ask your contractor for options.

Sometimes you can avoid moving the whole toilet by simply applying an offset flange. You might also consider doing some work alone. The easiest tasks would be painting or doing the cleanup, which would decrease the whole project cost by a couple percent. Some homeowners even go as far as doing their own demolition but it is best to abandon this idea if you’ve never done it before. And most importantly – choose the right contractors. Do the research, make the phone calls, validate the references – don’t settle for just any company. And if you are situated in Chicagoland, consider calling Roman Home Remodelling Contractors for a free estimate of your project!



Bathroom remodeling tips

Bathroom remodelling: first be smart, then be fancy

When visualising your perfect bathroom and choosing its’ layout you should always proritize accessibility and functionality. It is best to start with the floor; consider installing an electric mat which will always keep your feet warm and a programmable thermostat will allow you to save energy. You should also decide whether you prefer tiles that are easy-care (porcelain/glazed) or nonslip, which can be matte finished or sand grain glazed. Also, make sure that the tiling is durable enough, meaning it either grade 1 or 2, as grade 3 is intended for walls. Pay attention to the absorption percentage number, which indicates how much water will seep through.

For showers, the number should be less than 3%.  If you’re not sure what solutions to go for, feel free to contact the experts at Roman Home Remodeling Contractors who will be more than glad to help. Moreover, You should not neglect ventilation. This is why you should get a fan and place it conveniently, outside of shower. Speaking of shower, make sure that its’ panel does not go all the way up to the ceiling, allowing for more air circulation.

Design the bathroom like a pro

Whatever the accessories you pick, make sure that they are places on the right height. Don’t be hesitant to mark specific heights on the walls for a future reference. When choosing fixtures, go for maximum practicality: top-tier toilets (MaP score >500), an appropriate sink style with fauxet that enables effortless hand washing, shower layout that leaves space for toiletries. Don’t neglect ventilation – get a fan and place it conveniently, outside of shower. Speaking of shower, make sure that its’ panel does not go all the way up to the ceiling, allowing for more air circulation. Lastly, make sure that the lighting in your bathroom is bright and of long standing; some lighting solutions include LEDs with wall sconces, sunken track lightning and frosted glass fixtures.