3 Tips for a Dream Home Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago, IL

While we want an easily accessible, stylish, and functional kitchen design, as we age it becomes even more important to eliminate the need for stooping, reaching, and bending to maintain safety. At Roman Remodeling Contractors in Chicago, our professionals can help to design a kitchen that is fully optimized to handle your current needs and considers your future needs. When it’s time for your kitchen remodeling in Chicago, consider these key features to make it more suitable to your lifestyle:

1. The Pullout Pantry

To easily see what you’re looking for and reach everything you need, a pullout pantry is ideal. You will not have to shuffle through everything in your pantry to find what you’re looking for, so there is less time spent, no strain on your muscles, and no back or knee stress. They are also perfect for housing your small appliances, like blenders, slow cookers, and mixers, making a pullout pantry a must-have for any kitchen remodeling in Chicago.


2. Microwave Placement

Think about where you want to have your freestanding or built-in microwave. Placing it at counter height or just under the counter can be much easier on your back and shoulders. So that you are not sacrificing counter space, you can create a microwave shelf in a base cabinet, making it easier to access just below the counter instead of lifting a plate above your shoulders over the stove.


3. Accessible Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets offer some nice storage, but only if you can access them. These cabinets are notoriously difficult to deal with as you have to bend, reach, and lift for what you need. That’s difficult on anyone, let alone those with back problems. But our kitchen remodeling contractors in Chicago can take care of that with accessible corner cabinets.

When the time comes for your kitchen remodeling in Chicago, let Roman Remodeling Contractors help with some excellent ideas and attention to detail. Hopefully, these solutions will come in handy for your future kitchen, so you can use all your kitchen features in comfort. 

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